NotePad NotePad -- Blank NotePad
Notepad & PlaneNotePad & Plane small -- NotePade with Plane and blue circle
QN on ClipboardQN on Clipboard small -- QN on Clipbord
Large QN on clipboard Large QN on Clipboard -- QN large on a Clipboard
QN on Notepad QN on Notepad -- QN on NotePad

You can use on of the above icons for QuickNote in the toolbar by doing the following: Here's what I do in WINRAR.

  1. Open up the quicknote.jar file found in my profile directory
  2. download the 2 images I want.thhen rename them to: qntoolbar.png and qntoolbar_small.png.
  3. In winrar with the quicknote.jar file open, go to the classic folder ( quicknote.jar\skin\classic) then drag and drop the 2 new images in winrar and the files will be over written.
  4. Start Firefox!