QuickNote is a Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird extension for quick note taking.
It is modeled after Post-It(tm) notes by 3m, and the "Quick Notepad" plugin from jEdit.

Starting out

After you install QuickNote, and restart your browser, there are two ways to start QuickNote:

The Files

QuickNote defaults to using notes created in your Profile Folder.

You can specify QuickNote to use your own files via the Settings Window -> "User Files" tab.


QuickNote saves your notes automatically, so you shouldn't worry about that.

You can also save the notes to any desired location using the "Save As" button (not visible by default).

Editing QuickNote's notes in an external editor

QuickNote saves its note files as plaintext UTF-8 files, so pretty much all text editors should be able to edit them. However your favourite editor may not support Unicode or have issues with Unix-style linebreaks (this is a known problem with MS Windows Notepad).

Notepad2 is a great (Windows-only) replacement for MS Notepad.


See the Feedback page for details on contacting us.


Thanks to andman42 for his sweet Tab code from Download Extension Tweak.

Special thanks to Nickolay Ponomarev for all his hard work since ver.0.5.8

Special Thanks to Cdn for his awesome work on ChromeEdit that made this possible.

Thanks to David Perry for Tagzilla. 'Save As', and 'Send to QN' were based off of his code.

Thanks to clav for the use of his old install script.

Thanks to Ted's Text Links and the downloadwith projects for the correct context menu JS.

Thanks to Everyone on the Mozdev mailing list for help.

Thanks to ljpost for an example of windowsmediator.

Thanks to deepest sender for mozilla Seamonkey sidebar support.

Thanks to all the forum members at mozillazine for helping me test this out.

Special thanks to Leung WC for figuring out the UTF-8 support!

And thank you for using QuickNote :D